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Which trade news releases are the safest for forex trading?

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rade news releases are the safest for forex

The non-farm payroll is the best news release on the forex trading that is tracked. Even though it is high time to bet on the most promising news releases, the ECB news, and FOMC(Federal Open Market Committee).

In FOMC, we have the right choice to trade with Ben Bernanke’s speech at the right time for business, when the market movement is in the safest business.

His speeches make the right decision between the right time and the business when his speeches are published is nuts.

Inflation, CPI (consumer price index), PPI (producer price index) and Unemployment (NFP) are the main issues of media publications. The best company is not always to exchange trade news releases. Consider the news releases of the NFP, the ECB, and the FOMC media. NFP (non-farm payroll).

The most secure business in forex trading is this important news.

For example, unemployment, retail sales, housing, and other growth events will be important to look at when the United States ‘ growth is currently being tracked.

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