How to Earn 1 Million Dollars Using Currency Trading

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What tool allows you to return 100 percent each month on your investment? It can not be stored and shared as the return from Warrant Buffet is only 25 percent better than the annual return rate for the biggest shareholder in the world. You can get at most a 25 percent rate of return every month when you trade warrant or leverage option. It’s not, though, a fantasy to hit a monthly return of 100 percent with forex trading at 200:1 or 500:1.

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What does Forex Trading Really Mean?

This opens up 24 hours, for 5 days a week, from 1 foreign exchange market to another round the world and the Forex is the biggest market in financial trading. More than 3.5 trillion currencies are traded every day. Using leverages, the dealer can trade and earn his capital in days up to 100 percent.

Example Of The Dollar Trade

The debt account starts with 1000 USD. With complete 100k forex trading, you’ll need 200 USD to keep every 1 lot you buy. Every pipe would cost you ten dollars, and if you get 100 pipes per company, you’ll be returning one thousand dollars each day if you exchange a lot of 100 pipes a day. Each currency varies from hundreds of pipes every week to thousands of pipes. You get a 100 percent return on investment monthly if you can get 100 pips every month. If you are trustworthy, this is possible.

Get every month 100 Percent

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You can play Forex trade on a mini lot which works at $1 a pip and you need 1000 pips each month if you are more conventional and not at high risk. Most approaches give you an average of 200 pipes each month. You just have to select 5 best strategies and run them for a year to reach the goal of $1 million. Take 5 or more approaches, so you’ll continue to earn if someone isn’t successful this month.

1100 Pipes Profit And 1000 Pipes Loss

You will still earn $1000 per month, which is 100 percent ROI, if you can earn 1100 pipes a month, but lose 1000 pips that same month with just a gain of 100 pips. You’ll earn $1 million, be consistent for 12 months. This does not always cause margin calls taking into account the drawdown. And when you hit 100% of the ROI money, your trading lot will that. (1k= 1lot, 2k=2lot, 4k= four lots, 8k= eight lots, and goes ahead)

The MT4 trading platform makes Forex trading simple nowadays. This MT4 trading platform includes a programming language that lets you code your winning strategy and test your strategy. Such keys are recognized as an expert advisor and multiple expert advisors give more than 100% of the ROI you can choose.