Fundamental Analysis

US and Vietnam: from “Best Friends” to Trade Rivals?
Next possible leg of the trade war may affect countries that have emerged victorious at the expense of first victims.
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Could the USD/RUB Drop?
The russian ruble closed the trading week at the 63 level and is currently preparing for its next move. We
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Policy Bias in China: Fighting with Credit Leverage or Adding more Stimulus?
A key gauge of the debt burden in Chinese economy exceeded 300% of GDP, the Institute of International Finance reported.
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Saudi Arabia Under Pressure as the “Oil Market Goes Green”
Oil prices renewed their decline, maintaining the bearish tone set on Monday. US producers are gradually resuming oil production in
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Carry Trade Flows May Gain Momentum as China Finds Path to Recovery
An upbeat surprise in Chinese economic data for June provided a very limited “quota” for the growing market concerns this
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Key economic events and reports of this week
Monday, July 15, 2019 – GDP (YoY) (Q2)(CNY), Industrial Production (YoY) (Jun)(CNY), CPI (QoQ) (Q2)(NZD). Tuesday, July 16, 2019 –
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US jobs, CPI data can’t stop the rate cut as the policymakers focus on pre-emptive measures
Friday intraday returns of the Asian shares swayed around zero as Powell comments on Thursday delivered chilling influence on risk
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Uber-dovish Powell gives green light for rumors about 50 bp rate cut
Gradual deterioration of consumer and corporate confidence as an aftermath of the trade standoff becomes the central theme of the
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European Commission Lowers Growth Forecasts
European Commission Lowers Growth Forecasts, but Euro is Hungry for Stimulus News
The European Commission has downgraded its outlook for the pace of economic expansion in the Eurozone next year, saying that
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AUDUSD Wedge widening t
AUDUSD: Wedge widening the Resistance levels.
The last U-turn of AUDUSD from 0.6865/60 is not only a horizontal line about 0.6965 but a long five-week descending resistance line
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USDCHF Quick turn might turn you Rich2.
USDCHF: Quick turn might turn you Rich.
  In an hour frame, USDCHF setting a return trend in an effort to entertain the sellers. Check out the
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USDCAD Know What BoC Done! Traders Alert!
USDCAD: Know What BoC Done! Traders Alert!
  After the largest decline this year, USD / CAD trade is close to the month’s trendy resistance. An immediate
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GBPUSD Technical Turn-Over
GBPUSD: Technical Turn-Over
  With the GBPUSD reversed from 1.3100, the figure is currently falling to 1,3000 before questioning an immediate upward trend at 1,2985
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GBPUSD Rampage Restricting the Recent Trend
GBPUSD: Rampage Restricting the Recent Trend
The GBPUSD weakness can be seen in the region of 1.2965-55 while six-week-old downward trend lines , which can question the pairs immediately. As
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USDCAD: Closing Wedge attempts to Crack pattern
USDCAD: Closing Wedge attempts to Crack Pattern
  The USDCAD pair is still forming symmetrical triangles, six weeks old, which signal the pair’s sideways momentum, although they are witnessing
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GBPUSD Support Break-off Escalate Pressure
GBPUSD: Support Break-off Escalate Pressure
Even if the GBPUSD moves since early March in the short descending triangle, the pair’s present downside is restricted by immediate slanting upward trend
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USDCAD Attempting to SET a Thrill.
USDCAD: Attempting to SET a Thrill
The USDCAD is at a greater disadvantage as crude oil represents Canada’s largest export income and the geopolitical tension in Libya and Iran, together
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GBPUSD Closing Wedge Opens the Gate for Sellers.
GBPUSD: Closing Wedge Opens the Gate for Sellers.
The sellers can target the four-month ascending aid line, at 1.3,000, followed by 1.2980, at a further downside with the
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EURUSD Chart is a Cycle-Everything Repeats
EURUSD: Chart is a Cycle-Everything Repeats.
Boomerang rocking back to equalize the old history. In a day-frame, EURUSD exactly moves around the range of July 2018.
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AUDUSD Hanging Resistance Controls the Price range.
  The AUDUSD continues to struggle to justify its strength, even after the downturn successfully reversed from December 2018 until January 2019.
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USDJPY: Slides Beneath the Defined Stops.
The USDJPY was once again dragged by the failure of the recent resurgence after retracing November–January. This increases the chances
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The formation of the channel emphasizes 1307 as an important support with 1330. If we focus on the downside, given
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GBPUSD: Closing Wedge Creating New STOPS.
In spite of six weeks of upward trend tracking the direct downside of the GBPUSD by about 1.3070 limited, the
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USDCAD: Ascending Wedge Raising the Price Mark
Hello traders, In a 4hr time-frame, USDCAD breaking a small ascending wedge to fire an impulse to overtake the bull
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USDJPY: Support Confluence Disappoints Range.
On Thursday USDJPY tested the 110.35/30 important aid and since January 4 a upwards support line has been drawing from the lows.
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EURUSD: Finding HARD to keep the Run ON.
  The currency pair is less likely to retain its strength, as EURUSD rebound may challenge the recent recovery of
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EURUSD ticking to support sellers in the long term Investment. In a weekly basis, EURUSD falling beneath with a small
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Despite of yesterday’s raise the pair reaching its full benchmark. In a 4hr time-frame, GBPCAD climbing to its max. numbers
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Fundamental Factors Threatens the Traders, Market Radars on High.
Following early-day instability, news of Monday’s bad habit clerical exchange meeting between world’s two biggest economies and U.S. Place of
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Points to Noted on Year End, Before 2019.
With the reestablished negativity concerning exchange accord between world’s two biggest economies, AUD, NZD and CAD declined though EUR and GBP exploited
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Political Tension Fires-up the trade Sentiments.
China’s endeavours to satisfy Trump organization before January meet appear to be missing the mark regarding reestablishing financial specialist certainty
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With the ongoing questions over Fed’s rate-climb way, every approaching remark from a Fed policymaker acquires vital, which thusly features
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Multiple Manufacturing PMI’s opens the Gate for Traders.
While G20 was all in spotlight amid a week ago, predominantly as a result of booked gathering between the pioneers
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Dollar Index’s Entertaining the Traders-WEEKEND.
Amid early Friday, speculators were altogether worried for what could happen when pioneers of world’s two greatest economies face each
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Trump and Powell’s Remarks, Challenging the Greenback Bulls With Soft GDP.
While fears exuding from US-China exchange bargain and Fed Vice Chair’s remarks supporting continuous rate-climbs assisted the US Dollar with
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Active Monday Activates the Market.
Regardless of whether questions over Fed’s future rate-climbs, drowsy US information focuses and better odds of an exchange bargain between
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Weekend trailing the Market
While news concerning Theresa May’s ability to present draft Brexit proposal for discussion at Sunday’s EU leaders’ meet gave a
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AUD Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes Should Keep the Price Low.
The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Article IV mission cautions that dangers to Australia’s economy are skewed to the drawback thus
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Busy Weekend Ahead!! The US, UK POLITICS FLYING HIGH.
While political plays have supplanted financial matters since the week begin, the US and UK Retail Sales, Empire State Manufacturing
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Toward the beginning of Wednesday, speculators concentrated back to monetary timetable and difficulties for EU and UK pioneers that restored
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Dollar Index’s getting Highlight on the Limelight.
Toward the beginning of Tuesday, offering at the tech-front continued featuring market hazard feeling yet positive advancements identifying with Sino-US
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US-China trade War Concerns Diverting the Market Numbers.
While US-China exchange war was continued playing ambient sounds and undermining future product request, AUD, NZD and CAD shockingly turned
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Political Factors Influencing the Market, EU & Dollar can Volatile Easily.
Mr. Trump attempted to calm the vulnerability by saying in a meeting that he’s prepared to talk exchange with China,
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Soak decreases in worldwide values on stresses over slow income, exchange war and Geo-Political concerns energized place of refuge request
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“While trading, Fundamental traders are very keen about the reports/numbers released by different countries which denotes their wealth, manpower, political
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Economic Calendar October (22-27-2018)
Our website was discovered to educate, help traders to do more profitable trades. Every country does a lot of
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With the drowsy Retail Sales and six-year high shortage, not to overlook the US-Saudi Arabia tussle over missing American columnist,
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Politics on Currencies Could Change the Trend.
US CPI numbers pushed speculators to question the Federal Reserve’s future rate-climbs when Mr. Trump holds back to quit assaulting
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