Forex or Stock Market Which one is Better?

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The two stalwarts in the economic market in the world are the Foreign Exchange Market and the better-known, Stock market.

People often wonder which one triumphs over the other. In this chapter, I’m going to tell you how the Forex Market overshadows the Stock Market in terms of its size and market share.
By now, a question might be lingering in your mind. If the Stock Market is so immensely popular and everyone knows about it, why am I recommending you to switch to the Forex Market?

Here are some reasons why many Forex traders including myself prefer the Forex Market over the Stock Market:

  • Open All-Day
  • A Cheaper / Effective Alternat

Competitive Leverage

What is Leverage?

The potential to utilize your capital to manipulate a larger sum of “borrowed” capital in the market is known as Leverage.

The leverage is the part where the Stock Market lags behind the Forex Market. The Stock Market provides mere 1:2 leverage. This means is that if you open for a position at $1000, you can control $2000 with it.


  • Relatively Immune to Price Manipulation
  • Zero Prohibitions on Short Selling

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